Let’s Talk Wax Melts & CLP Labels

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are similar to candles. They’re made from scented pieces of wax, however, they don’t have a wick. Rather than lighting them directly to give off their scent, you can heat them up slowly in a wax burner, which can either be electric or use a tealight as a heat source. As wax melts are generally much smaller than candles, you can mix, match, and change your fragrance of choice quickly and easily, making them ideal for people who love a range of different scents in their home.

How long do wax melts last?

The length of time wax melts last depends on the size of the melt and the number you use. As the wax is gently warmed and not connected directly to a flame, wax melts tend to burn and give off scent more slowly than candles.

How do wax melts work? 

Wax melts are smaller pieces of wax combined with fragrance oils which melt when placed above a heat source, releasing the scent inside the oil. To use wax melts, you place them inside a wax burner, which contains the melted wax.  You either use a plug in electric burner or a wax burner.  Always follow the instructions on the burner and the safety instructions on the CLP label for use and how to dispose of wax when you choose. 

CLP Labels!!

Each and every wax melt carries  a CLP label, this is a vital piece of information.  It is by law required to be attached to every wax melt or any other item that carries fragrance or could cause allergens.  It tells you what ingredients and fragrance oils are used, how to dispose of the wax safely and carries pictograms telling you about harmful substances and helps you to choose safely regarding allergens and reactions.  Please always read this label for your safety and the safety of the environment and people around you.  As some fragrances are harmful to certain individuals and the planet.  Anyone can have a reaction to anything at any time.  Advisable to wear gloves when handling fragranced products, just as a precaution!!  Keep away from pets and children and out of there reach at all times.